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The Perfect Outdoor Venue: The Pavilion at Hopkins County Civic Center

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The Pavilion at Hopkins County Civic Center is the perfect place to host your next event. Whether you’re planning a rodeo, livestock sale, or horse show, our outdoor pavilion has everything you need to make it a success. With tie-stalls, portable pens, and announcer booths, we have the equipment to accommodate any event. Our pavilion is well-lit, making it perfect for use in the evenings and at night. During the hot summer months, our guests and livestock stay comfortable thanks to the three large fans inside. he pavilion has an interior dirt area measuring 250′ x 139′, with seating for up to 200 attendees in large bleachers. Plus, you’ll have access to sparkling restrooms and concessions. Contact us for more information on how we can help make your event a huge success!

From the spacious interior to the well-lit vaulted roof, our outdoor pavilion provides a comfortable and functional space for your event.

If you’re looking for an outdoor event space, the Pavilion at the Hopkins County Civic Center is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for hosting events like rodeos, cattle and horse shows, livestock sales, and more. The vaulted roof of the pavilion provides ample lighting for evening and nighttime events. Three large fans inside keep your guests and livestock cool during hot summer months. The pavilion’s interior dirt area measures 250′ x 139′, with seating for up to 200 people on large bleachers. Restrooms and concessions are also available. Contact us to learn more about how the Pavilion can make your next event a success.

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Our Pavilion for Your Next Event


The Pavilion at the Hopkins County Civic Center offers a versatile space suitable for a variety of events, including rodeos, cattle and horse shows, and livestock sales. It's also a great space for concerts, fairs, and other large gatherings.

Comfortable environment:

Our outdoor pavilion offers a covered space with a vaulted roof that provides ample shade, making it comfortable to use even during hot summer months. We also have three large fans to keep you and your guests cool.


We provide everything you need to host a successful event, including tie-stalls, portable pens, announcer booths, large bleacher-style seating for up to 200 attendees, sparkling restrooms, and concessions.

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Take a closer look at our impressive Pavilion by browsing through our gallery below, and don't hesitate to contact us for more information about booking your event with us.
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