The Pavilion

The Pavilion at the Hopkins County Civic Center is the perfect place to hold your next large event. We provide everything you need to set up a rodeo, cattle and horse show, livestock sale, and so much more. From tie-stalls to portable pens to announcer booths, we have the equipment to make your event a success.


Make your guests, livestock, and yourself comfortable in here. Our outdoor pavilion offers an option to using our indoor arena. This arena with its vaulted roof is well lit, making perfect to use in the evenings and at night. During the hot summer months, our guests and livestock feel comfortable because of our three large fans inside.  The interior, dirt area, of our arena measures 250′ x 150′.  Seat up to 500 attendees in the arena’s large bleachers. You and your guests will also have access to sparkling restrooms and a concessions.

If you have any questions about the pavilion, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to making your event a huge success.

Equine Pavilion

[img src=]1870Arena interior
[img src=]1790Arena interior
[img src=]1770Stalls leading into arena
[img src=]1560Concession stand
[img src=]1490Public entrance
[img src=]14301 of 4 large wash racks
[img src=]1420Large parking lot adjacent to arena
[img src=]1520Arena interior
[img src=]1560Shaded cover for RVs
[img src=]1480Shaded cover for RVs
[img src=]1580Large, exterior warm up area
[img src=]1600Large, exterior warm up area
[img src=]1590Arena interior at night
[img src=]1300Arena interior at night
[img src=]1300Arena interior at night
[img src=]1270Arena interior at night
[img src=]1250Arena interior at night
[img src=]1240Arena interior at night
[img src=]1260Arena interior at night
[img src=]1190Arena interior at night
[img src=]1090Arena interior at night
[img src=]1080Arena interior at night
[img src=]1070Arena interior at night
[img src=]1010Well lit wash racks
[img src=]1020Arena interior at night
[img src=]910Stalls are 10'x10'
[img src=]910Public bleachers
[img src=]9001 of 3 large fans
[img src=]910Preifert cattle chute
[img src=]940Extended Preifert chute
[img src=]1000All stalls have electricity available and water in close proximity
[img src=]1210Spacious restrooms
[img src=]1070Spacious restrooms
[img src=]1150Spacious restrooms

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