Board of Directors

Jeff Fisher- Pct. 1

Michael Mund- Pct. 2

Martha Hayward- Pct. 3

Bart Green- Pct. 4

Tawlene Lampp- SSISD

Dereck Driver- SSISD

Harold Nash- Minority Comm.

Kevin Gibson- NETLA

Dennis Findley- County at Large

Danny Evans- County Court

Carolyn McKinney- Dairy Festival Board

Butch Burney- Chamber of Commerce

Charles Helm- Hotel Industry

(as of FY21)

The Civic Center Board of Directors are nominated and appointed by the Hopkins County Commissioners Court. This board serves in an ‘advisory’ role to the Civic Center General Manager and to the Hopkins County Commissioners Court. The board is made up of volunteers that have scheduled meetings on a monthly basis to oversee revenues, expenditures, routine maintenance, long & short term planning, and performance of the General Manager. These meetings are posted publicly and are open to the public in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. If you would be interested in serving on the board, please contact your precinct’s commissioner.